Kitsap Builders Relocate Ramp

Former Location

Loaded for Transport

New Location

Two years ago we would have estimated the material cost of this 32’ ramp as somewhere around $950. Today it would be closer to $1,600. For the South Kitsap veteran who was ready to be released from rehab but could not come home until a ramp was in place, the cost was totally out of reach. Fortunately a 24’ ramp, that was no longer needed, had just become available.

The Bluebills Independent Living Program Project Handbook cites two methods of constructing ramps. For site-built ramps, nail guns are used for most of the fastening. This is a quick and efficient method of construction. For the modular technique, ramp and platform sections (8-ft nominal lengths) are bolted to the posts using angle brackets and structural screws. Ramps can then be taken apart and removed/relocated when a client moves or no longer needs them.

For the South Kitsap client the additional materials, in order to add an L-shape connection to the porch, would have cost some $400, which was still out of reach, so the rest of it was scrounged from leftover and surplus materials. The ramp replaced rotted out steps that were in danger of collapse, and repairs were also made to the porch. Then prior to his coming home, kindly neighbors came over and cleaned his house.