Chair Notes – Feb 2023

A Call for Tutors and Mentors

Chair Notes – Feb 2023

by Dave Jackson, Chair & STEM Director

Dave Jackson Dave Jackson

This month’s chair note is a call for tutors and mentors for Chimacum middle and high school students.

Science Olympiad

The first request we received was from Brett Thomsen: "I am returning to Chimacum after 12 years abroad. I am currently trying to reinvigorate the SO (Science Olympiad) program I left in 2008. That last team of 15 HS students now includes 6 doctorate degrees, three in medicine. It would be awesome to have a mentor to help guide the students into preparing for the upcoming district contest. My last period each day is a class dedicated to preparing students on the team. We practice after school on Monday, Thursday, and Friday."

Brett is helping middle and high school students in a Robotics program, and also needs help with programming and connectivity for robots and drones. Brett is also looking for volunteers with expertise in 3D printing and cutting.

Contact Brett Thomsen: brett.thomsen|1xpsobluebills|1xnet|1xMentor Info
Visit the Chimacum HS Website: CJSHS Website

Math Tutoring

The second request was from Scott Mauk, the Superintendent of the Chimacum School District: "...do you have any folks willing to come and do math tutoring with junior and senior high kids sooner than later? Can you put me in touch?"

The Chimacum schools play a very important part in preparing our young people for successful futures. If you are available to help with either of these requests, please let me know, or you may contact Brett or Scott directly.

We are also looking for tutoring support in middle school pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, and chemistry. I know that chemistry is not math, but is an algebra intense science course. Many students struggle with the mathematics involved in completing the science work.


Contact Scott Mauk: scott.mauk|1xpsobluebills|1xnet|1xMentor Info
Visit the Chimacum HS Website: CJSHS Website