Chair Notes ā€“ March 2023

by Robert Chanpong, Vice Chair and Builders Coordinator
Dave Jackson Robert Chanpong

We are almost to Spring and much better weather. Hope everyone is in good health.

Since the year began, Builders have fulfilled three ramp requests and five grab bar requests in our local areas. Two job requests are currently pending. Iā€™d like to mention the builders in Brinnon and Quilcene who recently completed a ramp for a veteran there. Wes Dunham, Mike Hyde, Jim Kowslczyk, Doug Peterson, and Bill Anstiss did the build, so many thanks to these faithful builders in East Jefferson County.

You might have heard of the recent memorial service for Teri Wensits in Port Angeles. Teri was important to us since she was the Catholic Community Services person who performed the intakes for our build requests. Teri went on medical leave in December, and passed away unexpectedly shortly thereafter. She was also an excellent resource for funding ramp materials when a client needed financial assistance.

The CCS representative who now does the intakes is Cari Breese. Cari also sends documents to clients which explains COVID protocols and a release of liability for the builders, which are signed by the client.

Recent events have prompted CCS to ask the Bluebills to provide personal information, copies of COVID vaccination certificates and Drivers License. This paperwork ensures that CCS is in compliance with Washington State regulations concerning assistance to those in need. More importantly the documentation with CCS ensures that we are covered by liability insurance while we are on the job. A Bluebills-CCS meeting is being scheduled later this month to meet Cari when she can explain the CCS goals for partnering with us. The meeting time and date will be sent out shortly.

Thanks for all that you do Builders, and look forward to seeing you at the upcoming meeting with CCS.