Poulsbo Mobile Home Park

Helping the Residents

Poulsbo Mobile Home Park

Our Kitsap Builders’ Efforts at the Poulsbo Mobile Home Park have expand to include the greater community

Starting this June we have been following the progress of a community project to help the residents of the Poulsbo Mobile Home Park. On July 27, that effort got a big boost. Volunteers from the JeffCo Builders as well as volunteers from the community joined in.

The Volunteers
The Hard Working Crew

Unit 4 is a big project requiring siding repairs, skirting replacement (and fram- ing), overhaul of the back porch and stairs, and weed and trash removal. A 40 yard dumpster was brought in and all the residents were encouraged to bring anything they needed to discard out to the street for disposal. Pick up trucks made trips from the court to the dumpster starting a 9:00 am.

The Bluebills mostly worked on the Unit 4 project, helped by many other local volunteers. Several folks took pictures. If you would like to view the slideshow, click on following link: PMHP WORK DAY. Hosting of the slideshow is thanks to our own John Fillers